Go Viral.

We've created these resources to help you promote your department's partnership with UIC Open House:

  1. Display open house as a promotion link on your college or department website. If you're able to do that, please use this tracked link so we can attribute registrations from the campus efforts.

  2. Talk about Open House on your social media channels. We've provided sample copy below.
  3. Help distribute flyers or handbills and other marketing collateral.
    UIC Open House 2024 mark


    Hint: Pair the logo with invitational text:


  • Explore UIC’s [Department] September 21. Save your spot at openhouse.uic.edu
  • UIC’s [Department] invites you to explore UIC Saturday, September 21. Sign up at openhouse.uic.edu
  • Our doors are open—you’re invited. Save the date: Saturday, September 21. Register now: openhouse.uic.edu

Sample email message:

Title: You’re invited! – UIC Open House

Get involved. Get informed. Get to know [department] on Saturday, September 21 at UIC Open House 2024!

Future students, community members, neighbors and alumni—you’re all invited! Choose from more than 100 activities to create a personalized, all-access pass to Chicago’s top-ranked public research university.

Visit openhouse.uic.edu to register today!

Social Media

Like posts with #UICOH, and create your own. Here are some sample ideas that you can pair with Open House graphics

Lead Up to Sept. 21

Experience #UIC with a personalized pass to our campus! Learn more: openhouse.uic.edu
#UICOH on Sept. 21 isn’t your typical college visit day—it’s a chance to discover and explore. RSVP: openhouse.uic.edu
We have sample classes, reps, info sessions, tours for #UICOH on Sept. 21! Register: openhouse.uic.edu
#UICOH on Sept. 21 is your day of discovery. Design your own visit: openhouse.uic.edu
Save the date: #UICOH will take place Saturday, Sept. 21! Register now: openhouse.uic.edu
#UIC is transforming the world! See how at #UICOH. (You can personalize your experience, too!) openhouse.uic.edu

100+ programs. 1 day. So many possibilities. Check the full list of events and build your day for #UICOH: openhouse.uic.edu

On September 21

#UICOH is live! Stop by the #UIC [building] for giveaways and fun hands-on activities.
Want to ask us a question? We’re at the #UIC [building] ready to answer them! #UICOH
Catch [department/us] at [the UIC quad] today [time] for #UICOH. We can’t wait to meet you!
What’s [unique/special/different] about [department]? Drop by [the UIC quad] today for #UICOH and we’ll show you! (We’ll be waiting!)
We have some freebies for all #UICOH guests! All you have to do is meet [department] at [building]!


Graphic assets for Open House 2024 can be found via the Open House 2024 Media Box folder.