Go Viral.

We've created these resources to help you promote your department's partnership with UIC Open House:

  1. Display the UIC Open House logo and other marketing collateral on your website
UIC Open House 2017 Logo


Hint: Pair the logo with invitational text: "[Department] is excited to invite you to explore UIC on Saturday, September 16. Register now at openhouse.uic.edu"

  1. Spread the word and engage your campus community
  2. Help distribute flyers and use Open House graphics to support your posts.

Spread the Word

Help us spread the word about UIC Open House!

  1. Send an email about UIC Open House to your contact lists, community partners, or newsletter subscribers
  2. Add the logo and Open House site to your website or other media
  3. Share messages on social media

Example message:

Title: You’re invited! – UIC Open House

Get advised. Get informed. Get involved. Get to know [department] on Saturday, September 16 at UIC Open House 2017!

Future students, community members, neighbors and alumni—you’re all invited! Choose from more than 100 activities to create a personalized, all-access pass to Chicago’s top-ranked public research university.

Visit openhouse.uic.edu to register today!

Social Media

Like posts with #UICOH, and create your own.

Here are some sample ideas that you can pair with Open House graphics

Before September 16

See what Chicago’s public research university is all about with a personalized all-access pass to #UIC! Learn more: openhouse.uic.edu
Meet college reps, attend info sessions, explore our urban campus Sept. 16 for #UICOH. Register: openhouse.uic.edu
#UICOH is your day of discovery. Explore #UIC Saturday, September 16! openhouse.uic.edu
Mark your calendars: #UICOH is happening on Saturday, Sept. 16! Register now: openhouse.uic.edu
Customize your all-access pass to Chicago’s only research university for #UICOH 2017. To learn more, visit openhouse.uic.edu
#UIC is transforming the world—and the campus visit. Register for #UICOH and personalize your experience: openhouse.uic.edu
Register for #UICOH and choose from over 100 ways to build your day! Check our full list of programs: openhouse.uic.edu
Learn about ground-breaking research, sit in mock classes, attend information sessions Sept. 16 for #UICOH. openhouse.uic.edu
Ready to customize your campus visit? We have over 100 options for you to choose from!  openhouse.uic.edu #UICOH

On September 16

#UICOH is happening now! Stop by to get a glimpse of the #UIC experience
Have questions about [our department]? Get them answered at the [Location] [time]. #UICOH
We’re ready to meet you! Catch [department/us] at [Location] today [time]. #UICOH
What’s [unique/special/different] about [department]? Drop by [Location] today for #UICOH and we’ll show you! (We’ll be waiting!)